Thursday, December 11, 2008

We have just received the first update. Megan is doing fine. They made the first incision at 7:12 but as of 10:00 they had not removed anything yet. Her vital signs are strong, and she is doing very well. They have asked Megan if they can film the procedure for a presentation of some sort. They said she was the prettiest patient they have had in some time. Thank God she takes after her mother. We hope to be able to get the footage, and post it on Megan's blog. Keep the encouragement coming.



Kelsey said...

Dearest Megan,

Well of course you are the prettiest patient they've had... You don't need to be a nuerosurgeon to figure that one out!

All my love and all my prayers are focused on you. Can you feel it yet? I love you girl, more than you know.

OTB on me next time... :-)


Amy said...


Your strength amazes me.

I'm praying for a speedy recovery and sooo looking forward to OTB..

Felix you rock with the updates!


Wesley said...

Humor is good for the heart Paul!

But yes, it's a good thing she takes after Marion.