Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayer & Support

Megan has another MRI Scheduled for September 8th, and a review of the results on the 9th. She is a little tired these days. The kids are a lot to handle, and she gets tired very easy. Marion & Hannah try to pitch in when they can, and the kids like to spend time with Nani, but she is not there on most days. Marion has been working at the office doing daily work, so Megan has been on her own. If anyone feels moved to take the kids for a couple of hours please feel free to call her. Please pray for strength, and for a good outcome of her next MRI.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Joyful Hearts!!!

Megan had a check up MRI a few weeks ago and the Dr. saw a new spot, and they are not quite sure what it is. It could have been there in the past, and they just missed it. It could also be scar tissue from the radiation treatments. The spot is in a different area than where her tumor was, but is in an area that received radiation. We are pretty sure it is just scar tissue, but we will be watching things close. The Dr told Megan to go home and relax and not to worry about it. He wants to see her in 8 weeks and they will look at again to see if there is any change.

On a fun note!!! Megan was told by her Radiation Dr. that she would most likely not get any hair back after radiation. Megan told her she was wrong, and that God was going to make sure it grew back. When Megan went in for her weekly treatment, and saw the Dr., she would tell Megan to be ready not to have hair. Megan would tell her, she is not receiving the words she is speaking over her. Megan told the Dr. when her hair grew back, she was going to come back, and show her what God did. When Megan went back to show her, she was blown away. She kept looking at it, and telling Megan she was so surprised she had hair coming back in. Not only is it coming back, there is an area that is coming in slower and a little thinner then the rest of her hair. The area that is coming in slower and shorter is in the shape of a heart. We all feel that this is a sign from God showing Megan how much He loves her and that he is in control.