Thursday, May 14, 2009

All is Well

Hey everyone..Marion here..I've had a lot of requests to update the blog a little more often..since Paul stays so busy, I thought I'd try to help him out! Just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday went well..and we were very relieved when we left the hospital! The doctor reassured Megan this had NOTHING to do with her tumor..and she needed to stop thinking about that for now..and just get on with living!! They did some blood work, and concluded that Megan is probably anemic! She needs to go to a regular doctor..for more blood work, and then possibly medication to treat it..or we thought we'd just start eating a lot more steak and spinach!! Megan says only if Paul is grilling! The doctor also thought that Megan had caught the virus that her girls have had, which caused her to run a low-grade fever for 3 days..and robbed her of all her energy! (the girls, and THEIR energy, are also a big reason for her fatigue!!...I know they can wear me out!!) But again, he reassured her this was not related to her tumor, or the radiation, which was great news for her.. and I think she felt way better when we left just knowing that! She even had a bit of an appetite, so I took her out for lunch! Thanks to everyone for their prayers, it means so much to us to know she is being lifted up to her Father by so many! I'll try to keep y'all updated a little more often, you know I like to chat!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Megan Needs Prayer

Megan and Marion are at MD Anderson this morning. Megan has been experiencing fatigue, in a big way. She is finding it very hard to do just little tasks around the house. She did so well with the radiation, and did not get tired. She had very few side effects. They told us that she would get very tired about 3 weeks after the radiation treatments. It has been much longer then that, but we are praying this is normal, and that is all it is. Please help me by praying she gets her energy back and that all is fine!!