Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look a little closer!!!

Marion just got off the phone with Dr. Brown. He is in St. Louis and he is answering questions for us. The protocol for sending out biopsy is to send them out, get info back. They then take a look at the info and make a decision. If the surgery is not worth moving on with, then they close her up. If it is something that they see will not be a waste of time, they continue on with removing the tumor. This part of the surgery is done under a microscope, to get as much of the tumor as they can. We are currently at the stage where they are using a microscope. The fact that she is still in there, and they are still removing tissue is a good sign. Keep praying for a benign mass.


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RossCharityGardner said...

that is all good news and lets hope all the tissue is benign and all gose well. We love u guys all and hope its all goes well. thanks for the sight