Thursday, December 11, 2008

Megan Called

Megan is in the second stage of her surgery and doing well. They have the scull open and are working on removing the tumor. They just patched in a phone call to the waiting area and we got to speak to Megan. She sounds a little groggy, but is doing well.


Candace Stamm said...

The Stamm family has thought of little else since we heard the news. We are praying for you as are so many others all over the country. We can hardly wait to see you to hear you tell us of the miracle of your healing. Love to you and the entire family. Candace and Arnold

Rodney Collett said...

That groggy part she gets that from her dad, the looks she gets that from her mom

hollistermark said...

This is Mark Hollister

Lloyd Family said...

This is an amazing way to have a concerted and updated, targetted prayer effort! Incredible! Glad to hear the surgery's going so well! Glad but not in the least bit surprised! Your need is saturated in unified prayer, sweet Megan! This here's a God-thing! So many in agreement, bound together in the power of united faith for this child of God!

hollistermark said...

My mother has been keeping Andrea and I up to date. It sounds like Megan and the Stork Family are handling this difficult time with your incredible good spirits, your humor, and most importantly your faith. There is so much love in the Stork Family. Megan has been in my thoughts daily since hearing the news. I have to go work soon, but will keep updated about the surgery from my Mom.

Love ya all!!