Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Again Home Again

What a great night it was at the Ranch. Big thanks to Marcia for picking up Felix & Megan down at MD Anderson. It can be nuts now there. Megan arrived late in the afternoon with much fan fair. The girls were apathetic toward the hair cut, just glad to see mom. Sweet pea wanted a closer look, but Isabel didn't even notice. Megan has a little swelling on the left side of her face, but other than that she looks great. We are waiting on the pathology report to have the Dr's decide on how to treat the remaining tumor. We are praying for the meeting Megan has on Wednesday. We should have the results by then. The Dr's think it is one of two types of a tumor. One responds well to radiation. By well, I mean the cells die. I will attempt to get the name of the tumor and post them. Please continue to pray during phase 2 of Megan's healing. Thanks to all of you for all you are doing. A special thanks to those of you who do not know Megan, and a friend just asked you to pray. Keep praying, one day you will meet her and understand why you were asked to pray.


Lynda Sparks said...

Megan, Felix, Marion, Paul and those precious girls,

Don't know if you remember me but I am Sara (Sparks) Isola's mom, Lynda.

As I drove to New Braunfels to be with my mom, Sara called me and said that Megan had had a seizure and was going to MD Anderson. I had been singing and praying on my way to see my mom and my heart ached (for a moment) as I added Megan to the praise, prayer and worship time of the three hour trip.

The week before Thanksgiving, my brother had called to say Mom was in the ER. I went with her for several appt.s and tests and we knew it was possibly heading for a serious diagnosis. I came home just in time to be with Brittne, a dear 19 year old, whose mom had just passed away a year ago with throat cancer and Brittne was diagnosed in July with Ewings Sarcoma (bone cancer). She had gone through six tough chemos and was having surgery to remove the rest of the tumor and three damaged vertebrae and part of her lung. What an amazing young woman, whose courage and faith have affected me so much. I stayed with Brit in the ICU for seven days and then four more on the floor. She has touched the lives of so many in the hospital, in her job and in her family and friends. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else on Thanksgiving and when I first told Sara Brit needed a mom to be with her through this, my precious Sara said, "We'll loan her ours!"

As I left the hospital with Brit, she went to her sister's (where she lives in Bear Creek area) to continue to recover and I received a phone call the next day that an appointment had been made for my mom in New Braunfels to continue the diagnosis. Can you see HIS timing? I have been blown away by it!

God graciously gave us a precious doctor and she made the diagnosis of uterine cancer. We were able to see the next wonderful doctor, her oncologist, who allowed us to ingest all the details of what will happen next and has been such a kind young man with such compassion for my mom as she learned she had uterine cancer on her 75th birthday.

All along I was keeping up with you and sharing with my mom who you and your mom are and what an amazing witness you are through this.

Came home just in time for my granddaughter's birthday and her mom just had to have emergency gall bladder surgery (yesterday) in Conroe. I was able to sit with Josh and be with their four children as they came to see their mom and take in what was going on...there will be weeks of recovery. HIS timing still being seen and friends who called and prayed with her before the surgery...can't thank them enough.

Sunday, I will teach the 3,4 and 5 year olds at Sugar Creek and once again ask them to pray, this time for my mom. Her surgery is Dec. 22 and she will have Dr. Williams and Dr. Wilder teaming up to do their very best for my mom. We will be in the hospital for Christmas and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than that, as my mom continues this journey...HIS timing still blows me away.

I tell you all this and to all those around that many are having a very traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas right now and many are experiencing a season that might not seem so conventional...but it is. It is right where God has placed us and He is right here in the midst of it and He is drawing so many to Himself as we are a part of it as participators, living the journey, loving the one on the journey or whatever our place is.

May we see Him through it all...I am so blessed by reading all that your dad and others are writing...being encouragers to each other is the best.

Can't wait to hear you and your mom sing.

And I am hoping Sara and I can come and sing to you while you recover...love and hugs to you all.

Lynda Sparks

Rufus Guebara III said...

From the col/windy Texas prairie
Monday, December 15, 2008 11:06 PM


We will be praying for your recovery at this time of Rejoicing of the birth of Christ. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with family and friends all over the world. Sincerely, Marcella Hackstedt

Anonymous said...

I feel blessed to experience the miracle that is unfolding with you Megan. A friend, your cousin sent out and email for prayer and I have spent the last hour reading about your journey. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to share your story. It's not often that God's Miracles are known and shared. I have listed your prayer request on our website for the world to lift you up to God. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an abundance of blessings from our Lord and Savior.

Anonymous said...

So glad for all your progress, Megan! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!!!
You are an absolutely BEAUTIFUL woman!


In His Love~Joni Bryant

David and Jan Peterson said...


I am not sure you remember us, but we sure remember you!! We were at Quail Valley Church years ago and were friends with your parents. You were a pretty girl then and have become a beautiful lady.

David and I will be praying for you and your recovery/healing. God is good and faithful indeed.

God Bless,

David and Jan Peterson
Fort Worth, TX

Roiann Theiss said...

Megan, Feliz, Marion, Paul & Bunch -

God is good. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love is being sent your way. We serve and awesome God. Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Love to all,
Roiann, Steve, Steph, Caleb & Kristin :o)

Mike and Cindy W. said...

Yipeee ! You'r home ! What great news! Yes, we are praying over your Wednesday appt. All you Stork/Martinez folk are really showing your FAITH IN CHRIST in all this . We, your church family, are so proud of you guys...the love we see, the courage that overflows,and the joy, while in the midst. PRAYING everyone can catch up on some rest, especially you Megan ! :) Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Mike and Cindy W.

Mike Watts said...

Wow ! They're praying in India for you. Just got this and wanted to forward----Dear Mike Watts:
I received all your previous prayer request that you sent through our website. We will pray for this sister. I am forwarding your prayer request to our Prayer Tower in Delhi, India.
I will ask them to pray for her until her healing. I will also forward to others.
Wish you a Wonderful Christmas.
Varughese , Director of Harvest Mission

Sandy Brockhausen said...

Hi Megan,Felix,Paul,Marion & prescious girls;

Soooo glad to know you are home now with your awsome family!! Am praying daily for you all. Pray Megan will continue to supernaturally heal and that she accomplishes everything she lays her hand to!! You keep going girl and do just what the doctor says so you will heal properly.

Blessings to all,

Sandy Brockhausen