Thursday, April 9, 2009


Megan had another MRI this week. Marion took her in on Tuesday then went back for more of the Cognitive Testing on Wednesday, and to meet with Megan's Dr's for a review of the MRI. They continue to do the Cognitive Testing and will monitor her scores. It seems that if there is something wrong it will show up in loss of memory and lack of function with her motor skills first. This will give them an indication something may be wrong and to jump into high gear. Megan did great, but was a little concerned because Marion and Megan stayed at Marcia's Tuesday night. They were up late, then had to get up early and be back at the hospital. She thought she may have scored a little lower just because she was tired. The MRI showed NO CHANGE!!! Yahooo!!! I didn't get to go so I did not get as much detail as I wanted, but bottom line is she did great. Radiation put the skids on things and we are believing for a total healing!!! The cavity where the tumor was had blood in it right after the surgery. Yesterday the results showed that the body had absorbed all the blood, and the cavity is now filled with spinal fluid. She has another MRI scheduled for 2 months down the road, and the testing will start all over. Dr. Lang took a look at the MRI and told Megan, "she is doing great!!" He is a great guy and gave Megan a hard time about her hair loss. She has a great relationship with Dr. Lang and likes him. Dr. Pudavalli said, "things look great, and its time for her to live again." He told Megan, "we have removed the tumor, treated the tumor, and now its time for her to go home, and be a mother to her children, and wife to her husband, and not worry about this thing any more. See you in two months!!" Thank God for His mighty hand, and for the Dr's he used to help Megan through this!! Thank all of you for praying. Please continue to pray for a total healing, and that her MRI in June looks even better.