Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Working!!!

We just got another report on Megan. They are still working away. They have taken some small frozen samples of the tumor and sent them to the lab. We are waiting on the results. The results will tell us if they will continue to remove tissue or if they will stop and close her up. We are praying the the biopsy is benign. Please send this prayer request to as many people as you can to pray for a benign biopsy!!!

Spacial thanks to Jeff Mizeur. It seems if I need any help for anything I can turn around and bump into Jeff, and he is saying "what do you need me to do?" He is a great friend and I would love for all of you to pray a special prayer of blessing. He has a friend that works as a volunteer in the waiting room. Jeff called and she gave us special treatment today. He also is a partner in a new fajita concept in town. He called and catered lunch to my family in the waiting room at MD Anderson. We had people looking at us like hungry wolves. The people in the waiting room can't figure out who we are and why are we are getting all this special attention. Thanks Jeff!!


Anonymous said...

We're praying for Megan and your entire family. She has been under the care of one of the best at what they do - in the world.

Go God!!

David Enloe

Joan Tyler said...

We are praying for Megan and all the family. We are watching the blog for continued updates.

Joan Tyler
John Tyler's parents

Eric and Amy Pace said...

Megan I know you will do well and God will provide and do just what He needs to do! Hang in there!!!