Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Went Well

Good Morning, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all. Today marks the first day Felix will go back to work, & leave Megan at home. I am pretty sure he is ready for the break. He has a whole new appreciation for what Megan does every day, as does her father!!! We are not allowing her to be alone just yet, so Hannah or Marion will be with her this morning. We are planning on keeping a pretty close eye on her for the first month or two. She is now 12 days, post surgery. Megan did GREAT over the holidays and hung right there with everyone!! We spent Christmas Eve at Harry & Marcia's, and she didn't seem to even get tired. I tried to stay up as late as I could last night and make sure all was going well, however she out lasted me. I had to go to bed before she did. We prepared 2 25lb top round roasts in the La Caja Chin (pig cooker). With a little help from Megan's Uncle Charlie & Aunt Sue they were cooked to perfection. Megan was able to wash her scalp 24 hours after they removed the staples, and the scar is very thin. She has to use baby shampoo for a little while until healing is complete. I am having a little trouble posting pictures to the blog. I am thinking it has something to do with the site and not operator problems. Please continue to pray and send the blog to as many people as you know who will pray.


Anonymous said...


This is one COOL look for you!

We LOVE you,
Arn and Candace

Sandy Brockhausen said...

Hi Megan,Felix,children & Storks,

Checking this blog everyday so I can see how God answered prayer overnight!! Sounds like your Christmas went just fine. I'll bet those babies made it sooo much fun!! Love that new look your sporting Meg. You could be totally bald and still be the most beautiful girl in the room. Hey, when you got got it!!!

Praying throughout the day each day and anticipating God's miracle working power to continue to work His total healing in you my friend.
Have a great time with the little ones. (little secret..let others wait on you hand & foot..won't last forever!!


Sandy Brockhausen