Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Miracle!

Well, I saw my miracle last night and her name was Megan. I went in to see her with Paul and Marion last night about 8:30 p.m. and could hardly believe my eyes. Just 24 hours after her mega 10-hour brain surgery, Megan was sitting up in bed eating chicken nuggets, talking, laughing and even joking about the doctors and nurses who keep waking her up to ask her questions to test her memory! It was truly a wonderous site! You have crossed the first big hurdle on the road to a full recovery and you did it with your usual style & grace! Keep going baby girl, you are doing great! I love you, Aunt Jackie


Lloyd Family said...

A huge THANK YOU from the Lloyds in VA - to all those taking time to post details. As we pray, (seperated geographically-speaking), we can feel so much closer to the situation and sense all the joy of others & be kept more alert to the specific needs & how to "aim" our prayers! It's the next best thing to being there and we find out quickly the fruit of everone's effort to keep her lifted up!

Anonymous said...

God, I just want to praise and thank you for all the details you have worked out(and are "working out") on Megan's behalf. I am marveling at the different avenues you have chosen to work through and most of all the miracle you have allowed us to witness! I know You didn't need a blog page to hear my heart but I am so grateful for it because it is giving voice to me and so many others...and helping us testify for the glory of GOD!!! You are on Your throne and are displaying Your awesome power...HALLELUJAH!

Love from one of Your blessed children~Joni

Kelley said...

I want to visit her! :(

Sara Kay said...

Megan, you are something else. I am overjoyed at your progress, and I wish I could be there to help and to hug. KISSES to all of you!

Lenda said...

Hey sweet Megan,
The Crawfords are praying and thinking of you and Felix and all the rest of the crew! I would have posted sooner, but I have never "blogged" before and it took me over 24 hours to figure out how to do this!!!! I know--I should have had my children help me!! We are amazed in how God is moving and taking care of you! We are constantly listing you and KNOW that God is perfecting every detail that pertains to you!! We know you have a book to write when this is all over! We hope you feel our love!! Lenda

Anonymous said...

Megan & Felix,

I am so thankful for this blog and all the updates. Just another way God uses to encourage us as we pray and immediately see answered prayers. PAISE GOD for another good report yesterday on the MRI. Got your own room now...great. Keep your head up girl God is doing it moment by moment as you take small steps HE will enlarge them for you.

Blessings to all your family,

Sandy Brockhausen