Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have a good friend by the name of Nathan Hurt. He has put together a blog for Megan. If you would like to post a note and encourage her please go to and drop her a line. I will post an update for Wed on the blog. I would like to say special thanks for all of you who have been praying, to those of you that have brought meals by the house and offered help with all that we are going through. First to Donna House for being here at 5:45 to be with my Grandchildren. Also to Nathan for the blog. To Harry Roberts for filling in for Jared, Felix and I at the stores, and to Dr. Justin Brown for pulling a few strings and getting us into the best Brain Center in the world with one of the top Dr's in the world. Also to the countless others that have been there for us. Words can't say what I am feeling. My Megan is a very special women. Those of you who know her will attest to that, but to her family she is so much more. She is my angel, and shines like one. I have called her my princess from the day she was born, and she has filled the roll. She has been a delight to all she knows, but even more so to her mother and I. Since she has taken her first steps to the day she walked across the stage at the graduation ceremony at U of H, she has been an inspiration to me. Today was another one of those days. She is stronger than any of us, and is facing this giant with stones of faith, determination, and knowledge that God is in control. She knows she is not facing it alone, but with Him by her side. I made a comment today that we were the only family that was walking through MD Anderson that was laughing and cutting up. I had to hush the Stork clan a number of times for fear we would be removed from the place by security for making too much noise in the halls and waiting areas. Megan was in the thick of it, laughing and just enjoying being with her family. Please keep us in your prayers that this joy will never leave our family. Megan is scheduled to be at the Hospital at 5:15 in the morning. She will be prepped and the surgery will start some time between 6 am and 6:30. Pray for angels to prep the room and for God himself to guide Dr. Lang's hands. Please go to the blog and encourage her.



Jeff Mizeur said...

Jeff, Melanie and Reid are thinking about you and the Stork family. I am sure that a life spent dealing with your Dad has made you tough enough to make it through this. Stay strong and GOOD LUCK!

Ryan said...

Megan, Ive had you one my mind all day and everyday since I heard from my dad. My whole church is praying for you and standing with you. I know you can get thru this, your a Texas woman. Im standing with you and will be back next year for hurricane season to drink beers and catch up. Godspeed and Godbless. Ryan

Anonymous said...

Megan, I wish I had this site yesterday! I haven't talked to you in years sweetie, but I'm upholding you in prayer (me, Kevin, my kids and many in and outside of our church!) for our Big God to do Big things! He's so good at lifting things up as a testimony to His might for His glory! I know you're covered in prayer and we're privileged to join with others on your behalf! We love you so much and will check in daily!

Paul Stork said...

Here's a scripture for you:

And when they saw the COURAGE of Peter and John...they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.
Acts 4:19
That same courage is evident in your life, Megan, for you are in sweet fellowship with the Lord.
We Postens and Bollingers are praying for you, remembering many times when He has been there for you and your family...and for ours as well.
Tomorrow is a big day. He is in it with you...and so are we.

Love, in Jesus,
Larry, Cress Ann, Ami, Bret, Matt, Jennifer (and unborn baby inside!), and Josh

Eric and Ginny said...

Hello Megan, your dad has keep us in the loop with all the miracles that you are seeing. You are a very special young lady. We know that many many people love you,Your Family and Friends around the globe are praying for you.I feel God is setting the stage for another miracle, just for you, Megan people will write books about your story. Megan keep up the courage and lightheartedness God loves laughter and smiles and your smile makes HIM smile. we love you.
Eric and Ginny

Anonymous said...


We are praying for you tonight and for a speedy recovery. Your love of God and the unbelievable support of your family is all you need to make it through this- your faith will prevail and never doubt it.

Steve and Julie Stagner

Anonymous said...


You are a blessing to us and the body of Christ. Your walk with Jesus is so evident in your life as you hold on to the hem of His garment for your total healing as He performs this awesome miracle in your life.
You are loved and covered with prayer by family and friends. He will show himself mighty thru all of this and you will proclaim His goodness!

Love ya,

Linda and Jim, Chris and Missy & Josh
The Hoppes

Anonymous said...

Sweet Megan, we hope you are literally sencing the presence of all the prayers being said for you, as well as the awesome presence of our Lord. Along with thousands of others, we are praying and believing for your complete and total recovery.
The Zimmermann's
Carlos, Linda & Paul

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan! Well, i have known you since you were little and I know you are covered, protected and provided for. God knows just what you need and He has assembled His perfect team to take care of this, and it will speak to many and the miracle that is unexplained. There is no other way but God and you will be able to share this with others for years to come:) We Love you and can't wait to see you running after the girls in no time;) the Pace's Amy, Eric, Marshall, Mason and Michael!!