Friday, January 16, 2009

Time Is Flying

Megan is scheduled to go in for some testing, blood work & a briefing on Speech Therapy on January 20th. I don't think she will need any Speech Therapy, but the testing will tell us that. They have canceled her MRI that was scheduled for this week. She just had one a couple of weeks ago, and everything looked great. They will do more of the Cognitive Testing to make sure she is progressing as expected with her motor skills, and word recall. She will then see Dr. Puduvalli and review the plan and schedule for radiation treatments. She will do the treatments once a day Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. Great Grandma Elaine is coming in to sit with Megan and keep her company for a couple of weeks toward the end of her treatment. We are all looking forward to her visit. Please continue to pray for Megan. We are expecting her to go through her treatment with no side effects. Please send this site to anyone you know will pray. Our goal is to have people all over the world praying for our Megan.

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Barbara Gorham said...

When your mother told me your story it took my breath away. When she told me your attitude towards it, it took my tears away. You are so beautiful, awesome, and special. I will be praying that everyone you meet will be touched by you and blessed by you. I also will be praying for a quick recovery. Hug the kids and Felix for us. We love you. The Gorham Family