Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Clots

We are beginning to narrow this thing down. The ultra sound showed that her legs are free of blood clots. Megan has been on an anti seizure medication called Dylantin (sp?)They think that is what has caused the splotches on her chest,arms & face. Now that they have taken her off of the stuff, the splotches are gone. One of the other side effects that will occur in some cases, is what is called Dylantin fever. They feel this is what Megan is experiencing. Megan has been off of the seizure medication since last Wednesday, but it is just going to take some time for it to flush from her system. They want to rule out everything, so last night they waited until her fever peaked again. At about 10:30 it hit 102.6 and they drew blood. It seems when the fever is high the cultures will show more of what is going on. After they took the blood and urine samples, they worked on reducing the fever. She had a pretty good night. We feel they are just waiting to confirm that it is the Dylantin fever, and they will release her to come home. We hope that will be tomorrow. Please continue to pray for her and her total healing.


Kevin Connell said...

OK, Megan, we are praying so hard fo ryou. We love you and want nothing less than total and complete healing for you and realize that some things just take time. Please take all the time you need to take care oof yourself, I know you're a giver and taking care of yourself first is not what you naturally tend to. You will be so blessed by all the lives touched by your testimony of this experience. You are a child of the King!

Gina Connell said...

Our church is beginning a week of Fasting & Prayer. Kevin & I put your name in the basket so the entire congregation will be praying for you this week and fasting for your healing.


Anonymous said...

You are in our prayers every day and will continue to stay there. When you get home tell your dad you can't do any dishes you just need rest!!!! May God watch over you and heal you.

We love you.

Nancy and Mike Rissky

Kelley said...

Awww poor Megan! Take care, girl, I know it will be sorted out soon. Sucks to hear that you've had this crap going on for over a week though. :( I miss you and I love you!


Cindy W. said...

Our family has been praying for you, Megan. They have all been in town and we have had several midnight prayer meetings.We all felt alot of peace about you after praying. This will pass, sweetheart. Our family is so proud of you all as you walk out this trial. Gosh, you guys have great faithful hearts. We all love you !!! I remember The Lord showing me many years ago with the girls medical situations, that healing is a process. It sometimes can be intimidating, with the bumps, but our God specializes in working all of those bumps out. Lots of Hugs and Prayers, Cindy(& Mike, Kara/Jeremy, Kelly/Marcus, and Chris)W.