Monday, January 5, 2009

Still Unsure Of What Happened

Well!!!! Megan is still in the hospital, but doing fine. She didn't run a fever yesterday or last night. Dr. Lang was in this morning and he said, in not so many words, they really don't know what it was that was causing the fever. His guess is that it was a reaction to one of her medications. Dr. Lang still has her on her anti seizure medication, but has substituted another brand. They started testing on the tail end of her being sick, and it could be a number of things that could have caused her to run a temperature. Infectious disease people checked and found nothing. Lang will leave no stone unturned. He will do an MRI today,and if all checks out to be OK then she will go home tomorrow. She is in good spirits, but does miss the girls. Thanks go out to Donna and Brandy!! They showed up this weekend and cleaned the house and put up all the Christmas decorations. UNBELIEVABLE!!! We were working on moving the date for radiation up so Megan would not have to wait until the end of January. I am thinking that with all that has transpired, we should leave it as is, so she can regain her strength. Please continue to pray for her. We need to pray for a normal MRI, and no infection on the brain. Please pass this on to all you know who will pray!!

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Sandy Brockhausen said...

PRAISE GOD the fever is gone!!! I know you must be restless by now being away from the kids and family Megan,but you hopefully are home by now. I am glad to hear you are waiting on the doctor's suggestion to do radiation later rather than sooner. They know what they are doing. Be patient my dear and let's let God and the doctors do what they do in God's time. Am praying daily for you all. Be well.


Sandy Brockhausen