Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back At MD Anderson

Megan was admitted last night back into MD Anderson. She has been running a fever for the past week, and we can't seem to get it under raps. The Dr. was in this morning and they are going to do an ultra sound on her legs. There is a chance she might have blood clots and that could cause the fever. I am glad she is there, and under the best of care. Please continue to pray for total healing.


Eric and Amy Pace said...

Hang in there Megan and Family! sometimes little setbacks can be a blessing in disguise and something else will be resolved as well that you never knew was there! I know that it will be taken care of!

Anonymous said...

Megan -
Our thoughts are with you and the family today. You are in the best place possible for your care and treatment. We continue to pray for your complete healing. We send our love to Felix too!
Arnold & Candace