Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Have The Same Hair or Lack Of

This week was uneventful for grandpa. Nani watched the kids, and Grandma Elaine and I took Megan to her treatment. They met with the Dr. and all seems to be on track. Megan has started to lose some hair on the left side of her head. The Dr. said some of it might not come back, but we are not receiving that. We are praying it comes back the same if not thicker and curly. Megan is starting to feel a little bit of the fatigue that they say she would feel. We are praying for her to have strength, and keep her strong attitude. She met with Dr. Pudivalie yesterday. He ran the standard tests and said Megan looks great!!! He checked to see if there was any pressure behind her eyes, there was none. Her next MRI is on March 31st. They don't expect to see much change, but we are expecting the tumor to be gone. Lets keep praying for a total healing.


Kelley said...

Look at the gorgeous couple! Awww I love you guys. :)

Sandy Brockhausen said...

Wow, it's true if you hang around enough together you will begin to look like each other!!! But what a good looking beautiful couple. Am praying for strength for the both of you. Am also believing at the next MRI there will be NO TUMOR!!! The doctors may not expect any changes, but we serve a mighty God who can, will, and is doing a miracle. We are an expectant people because we serve a God who hears and answers our prayers!!!


Sandy B